The Willemite Guest House [wil-uh-mahyt]

Originally built in 1734 as a fur trader’s cabin, local historians now believe this to be the oldest occupied structure in York County, PA.  Modern amenities (central heat/air conditioning, small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, hot water maker, etc.) are hidden in order to preserve the rustic look and historic feel.  Queen size bed upstairs with a top of the line memory foam mattress where quality linens for a comfy night’s sleep.  Full bathroom (tub & shower).  Private brick patio, relaxing lazy-glider swing overlooking The Yellow Breeches Creek.  Willemite is a silicate mineral of emerald green color.

The Columbite[kuh-lum-bahyt]

The Columbite

This room was part of another log cabin originally built c.1764.  It is accessed by a private staircase up to the second floor.  An electric fireplace keeps you cozy and relaxed in addition to central heat in the cooler months. Central air conditioning keeps you cool in warmer weather.  Plus you have a private balcony with a porch swing facing the Yellow Breeches Creek.  There’s a private bathroom, with a full-size bath tub complete with shower.  Full size bed.    The room is accented in dark red colors, mimicking the red streaks in the ‘Columbite’ mineral.

The Oolite  [oh-uh-lahyt]

Nice sized guest room on the second floor, softly decorated in shades of pearly white.  Queen size bed.  Private bathroom with a shower.  Central heat/air conditioning.   The room is named after oolitic limestone, a pale-colored, sedimentary rock.

The Rubellite [roo-buh-layht]

A true gem.  Located on the second floor, this is a corner room with four large windows.  Luxurious king size bed. Private bathroom with shower.

The Jaspilite [jas-pe-lite]

One of our most popular, luxurious rooms.  The King size bed accents the focal point which is created by the old chimney and the half-circle window on the 3rd floor.  Modern amenities (fridge, coffee maker, etc) are located in the hallway.  Full-size tub with shower. Central heat/air conditioning.  The room is named after the mineral that contains yellowish-gold-streaked accents.

The Jaspilite/Azurite Suite [azh-ur-ayht]

A favorite with families.  The Azurite is another complete bedroom with a full size bed.  The bathroom services only these two rooms and is located in a private hallway between the rooms.  Suite sleeps up to a maximum of four people.

Accessibility Statement: The Stone Manse Inn is working toward improving accessibility to our website that will comply with WCAG 2.1 Guidelines. Due to the historic nature of our building we are not required to have ADA accessible rooms (stairs are required) but we are always happy to discuss our accommodations and services by telephone or email. We can also accept reservations by phone if necessary. If you have an issue regarding accessibility please notify us at with ‘ADA Accessibility’ in the subject line.

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