Our Story

We are the B&B that takes R&R very seriously.

Thank you for considering The Stone Manse Inn for your visit.  Our goal is simple.  We aim to offer you a clean, quiet, comfortable place to rest your mind as well as your body.  The 18 ½ “ thick stone walls in the ‘big house’ help offer that peace and quiet. The private Willemite Guest House has its own, special ‘quaintness’. We are very close to the highway yet you can barely hear it.

We get asked ‘Have you always dreamed of owning a B&B?’  No.  We had it in the back of our minds but also considered a campground or cabins on a lake.  Something fun.  I worked as a field trip coordinator for the cyber school my son was attending and we stayed a B&B’s when traveling.

The property had been for sale for quite a few years when we looked at it. The previous owner was 85 years old and physically couldn’t do it anymore. It went up for auction.  There were many obstacles but every single one of them was cleared out of our way.  It is truly our calling and we are proud to be only the 7th family name on the property since 1734.

We hope you will come visit The Stone Manse Inn soon!

Phil & Myra and our son Alex

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